Surrey for Europe is a cross-party and non-party alliance which has formed to campaign for Britain’s continued role in Europe.

We are now working hard on our General Election campaign and hope to share the details shortly. We will be planning many events including street stalls and leafleting.

All 11 of Surrey’s current MPs are Conservative, many with huge majorities and hard line Brexit views. We have therefore taken the decision to target our efforts in a few key areas and also to support other pro-remain groups in the region with their campaigns. Our priority is to try and prevent a Conservative majority and to STOP BREXIT BREAKING BRITAIN.

This Saturday, 27th May we are going to be supporting Berkshire for Europe with a day of action in Maidenhead. They have invited us to:

“Come, ye flag-wavers and protesters of the House of Remain! Come wearing and flying your flags and let’s upgrade the boring sky blue of Maidenhead to a glorious Royal hue!
Come one and all. Everyone welcome. Let’s show our would-be dictator that the people will NOT be silenced!”

Join us and our friends at Berkshire for Europe and Maidenhead for Europe.
The weather is expected to be perfect and activities, stunts, and events all on the way.

Saturday 27th May 12pm – 4pm
Maidenhead Town Centre (exact location to be confirmed)
Get the latest information at: www.facebook.com/events/Paint Maidenhead EU BLUE!
Or email Matt at berkshireforeurope@gmail.com



Stop the Silence

The National “Stop the Silence” Billboard Campaign is being launched in London this morning. It is a great campaign and the first crowd funded campaign that will deliver the same message across the country on behalf of those who feel they have been cut out of the debate.



Sign up at stopthesilence.co.uk

Please follow this link to a recent article at getSurrey.co.uk

Epsom anti-Brexit group calls on fellow Surrey campaigners to ‘come together’

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