The Way Forward for EU supporters in Surrey – SURREY FOR EUROPE meeting 19TH SEPTEMBER


Jonathan Hoffman, head of research, Britain for Europe and Baron Armah-Kwantreng, chair, Surrey for Europe

fielding questions from the audience

Over 40 enthusiastic “Surrey for Europe” supporters from Epsom, Sutton, Kingston, Farnham, Weybridge and Guildford and neighbouring areas gathered in Epsom’s Spa Room at the Ebbisham centre, Monday evening 19th September to hear how to continue their support for Britain’s membership of the European Union.

The meeting, organised by “Surrey for Europe” was addressed by three speakers representing prominent EU-supporting organisations. Economist Jonathan Hoffman, head of research of “Britain for Europe” spoke about how the true economic fall out of the referendum has yet to show up in the economic data and about how tensions will increase among Theresa May’s cabinet as the time nears to trigger “Article 50”.

Hoffman declared: “Feelings are so high there is a real possibility of an outbreak of war within Theresa May’s cabinet.” He added any chance the EU might offer the UK a “sweetheart deal” would be undermined by East European states seeking parity for any reforms sought by the UK.

David Welsh, director of “Vote for Europe”, spoke of the various ways the threat of tactical voting could be used to bring democratic pressure on Brexit-supporting MPs who are out of step with their constituents.

Links to both speeches can be found on Surrey for Europe’s Facebook page:

Kate Hammer, a US-citizen and long-term UK resident spoke about her “Don’t let the Brexit dust settle” organisation that uses open speaker events to broaden the debate and dialogue across all sides on the Brexit issue. Hammer’s 1,000 word submission has recently been accepted as evidence on the parliamentary enquiry on the Referendum.


A question from the audience during the lively Q&A session

Questions from the floor triggered a lively and informed discussion underlining the passionate commitment by all present to maintaining strong EU links. A number of contributors declared they had been encouraged by the speeches to believe there is a genuine chance that Britain might be able to remain a member of the EU.

Surrey for Europe will continue its role as the driving force for pro-EU activity in Surrey in the next few months by activities such as attending a pro-EU rally at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham on October 2nd and campaigning in the Witney by-election. The group’s next public meeting in November promises to be of particular interest as it will look ahead to the government potentially triggering Article 50 in the New Year. The group is also reviewing a national group to affiliate to.

Press Enquiries: Roger Cox, Press Officer, Surrey for Europe – Contact details:


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