More than sixty former European Community supporters from all over Surrey attended a meeting held last night (18th July) at the “Spa Lounge” in Epsom’s Ebbisham Centre.


It was called by Ewell based businessman Mr Tim Evans who had previously run the “Epsom Stronger in Europe” group that athough he had defeated local MP Chris Grayling’s “Brexit” stance, was not replicated across the rest of the country.


Mr Evans said: ’There was such a strong sense of community amongst our supporters and a belief in the European Community’s aims that I believed we should capitalise on this and look for a way forward. The numbers who turned up tonight were very encouraging encouraging.’


Amongst some of the measures discussed were challenging the Government’s legal right to implement Article 50 of The Lisbon Treaty by which the UK can leave the European Community; forming a nationwide European pressure group, and a more localised movement, “Surrey for Europe” group.


Amongst speakers at the meeting were local entrepreneur Charlie Perry who was trying to instil an ethos of “marching” in London and other cities to represent the embryonic views of any Surrey movement born out of the meeting.


Nineteen year old student Ellie Fallon spoke passionately about why her generation was “angry” at the way the Brexit vote portrayed her country as “Little Britain”.


And school history teacher Katherine Edwards spoke about challenging Chris Grayling’s role as Epsom’s MP.  ‘His Brexit views did not represent the views of his constituency with its clear  “Remain” vote. We should find an alternative MP who does represent the constituencies views. “


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  1. Congratulations! I picked up your address from the picture on the European Movement Facebook page of today’s march for Europe. We are doing the same thing at Salisbury for Europe and would be glad to network with other such groups especially in the South and South west. Our website is: http://www.salisburyforeurope


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